Puck Hole is a new game based on shuffle board and cornhole

Introducing the best new game.

Puck Hole™ is the new game based on shuffle board and cornhole.

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Here is How to Play

The object of the game is to slide pucks across the table and into the hole to earn points. Player or team to reach 21pts wins.

Rounds - Opposing players battle by sliding four pucks, alternating players after every puck, to complete a round.

Earning Points - You must outscore your opponent to earn points for the round. The difference in score is your earned points. Points are scored by sliding the puck:

    • In the Point Zone (completely) = +1pt

    • In the hole = +3pt

    • Puck on the ground (AKA “Party Foul”) = +3pts for opposing team for each puck regardless of color

    • In the Trap = 0pts

    • In the Zero Zone = 0pts

    • Not past the Mid Line (AKA “dud”) = 0pts and the opponent may remove the puck if desired.

Winning - The player to earn at least 21pts by the end of a round wins the game. Ties are not possible. You can score more than 21pts. You don’t need to win by 2pts.

When playing singles, each player tosses to the same side. When playing doubles, each player’s partner is directly across from them competing against the other team’s partner. Coin flip can determine who throws first. The player/team that earns points in a round goes first for the next round. The team that wins a game, leads off the next game.

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The Playing Table and Scoring Examples. Shown here is doubles play, Blue team vs. Red team.


Below is a close up of the table and pucks used to play the game. The pucks are 3 inch diameter and 1/2in thick. The table is quite slick so the pucks slide very well and consistently. The hole is 4 inches in diameter. The side traps get a lot of action as pucks will get deflected into them often. The side rails keep the pucks on the table; however, if you slide a puck too fast it will likely bounce off the table which cost the player 3 points. So slide the pucks nice and easy.


Puck Hole table close up showing the pucks in the hole and some in the side traps.


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The Puck Hole table is very portable as it folds up to 4ft x 2ft x 8 inches. It is perfect for bars as it takes up less space than pool tables or traditional shuffleboards and it costs much less. It is safer than darts and there are built in penalties for slamming pucks. The tables are low maintainence and extra pucks and pads are available.

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Puck Hole™ is a trademark of Vorticy, Inc.


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